Chhattisgarh the land that’s full of surprises. Its people revere the land – for them, each day is a celebration of life, in which you are welcome to participate.

One of India ‘s youngest states, Chhattisgarh has the country’ s densest jungles, rivaling those of the Amazon – 44% of the state is under forest cover. Spectacular waterfalls – the horseshoe-shaped Chitrakot; Tiratgarh, which splits into multiple falls as it descends; and many more dotted all over the countryside – sustain the greenery, as well as an amazing variety of Nature’s creatures, treats including the Bastar Hill Mynah bird, Which is Said to Be able to mimic the human voice. Put on your explorer hat as you step into the massive limestone caves of Kutumsar, Dandak and Kailash, buried deep in the ground at the Kanger Valley National Park in Bastar.

Wrap your mind around the aeons it took to build the humongous stalactites and stalagmites found here. Seek the divine blessings of the Goddess at the three shaktipeeths at Dorngargarh, Ratanpur and Dantewara, or any of the many old and enchanting temples. Indigenous people live here in harmony with the land, one with nature, as they have done since ancient times. The tribes of Gond Maria, Muria, Dorla and Baiga, India’s oldest … each has its distinct culture, manifested through cuisine, music, dance, dress and crafts. Festivals in India are generally a riot of noise and color with a healthy dose of traditions, spirituality, and feasting, but tribal fairs and festivals of Chhattisgarh are something else entirely, showcasing native customs and local ways of celebrating national days.