Inspiring Young Minds Through Travel

At Triponary we follow simple educational philosophy of activating quicker learning with visual and sensory experiences. The trips ensure free flow of thoughts and ideas to enhance creative abilities. Learning by doing allows practical learning through new experience helping student to retain knowledge for longer time.

We follow IES, an interactive, expert guided and safe method to impart life- changing skills. Project reports, group presentations, healthy discussions and a certificate that looks good on college applications adding value to your candidature.

     I           E          S

           INTERACTIVE                     EXPERT GUIDED                           SAFE

Hands-on experience, opportunity to acquire skills like leadership, independence, decision making, team work and much more rolled with a great out of classroom experience with a team of experts. An immense learning opportunity in a safe, secure environment awaits you at Triponary with our smart and future ready programs

The unique out of classroom learning program introduces students to meaningful expeditions, cultural deep dive, traversing historical routes, understanding ecological ecosystems, internships with live NGO Project and much more.

We encourage students to acquire life skills apart from earning a degree from structured education system. Experience wealth of education while traveling, Travel is the great teacher.

The specially curated Out of classroom educational trips give immense understanding of the chosen subject, a path to self-discovery, awareness and realization of potential and much more.

Come with us to explore learning beyond Google and get real taste of life on each journey with us.

If you are teacher planning an educational trip or a school camp, you’ve come to the right place. We have organized out of classroom educational programs for hundreds of students, and it would be our privilege to discuss with you your academic goals and purpose of trip.

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Why Triponary Educational Trips

Our specialized programs prepare students for the challenges of life, arming them with an in-depth exploration and hands on experience. We believe each student deserves an experience of educational travel, which is why we always offer best pricing and more value adds.

Student Development

Triponary researched and carried varied discussions with key stakeholders for devising the structure on 4 pillars to give meaningful experience and education in the Out of classroom learning process.

 We consult with Academicians, professionals, Students and Educational consultants to create these four pillars for students to inculcate in their education.

Student Development Progra

Apart from the tailor-made programs we will offer unique programs to students, preparing them for challenges of life, future professions and recognizing their calling and potential.

Hundreds of destinations, endless possibilities have been studied and explored to show students the world differently. Our program specialist will work with School faculties to align curriculum with educational tours & activities delivering the right program.

Triponary offers unique programs for students as we believe that each child in nascent stage of learning deserves an Out of Classroom learning experience.

Educational Programs

Our Specialized Experiences

Leadership & Personality Development Camps

Leadership Building Programs for budding future Leaders and team players. These leadership program provides the environment and training to help students realize their full potential.

It is done at outdoor classrooms in remote wilderness areas with powerful authentic experiences. We are committed to wilderness, education, leadership development, safety, community service and excellence.

These camps focus on physical and mental abilities and are a fantastic experience for students to get to know their strengths as well as of those on their team.

Project based learning Trips

We help students to explore beyond books and syllabus. These trips are designed to enhance the observation, attention, exploratory and analytical skills. The trips help students to develop passion for research and in-depth understanding of their favourite subject. The most popular trips are Cultural heritage, Natural Heritage, History , Biodiversity trips, Geography trips, Oceanography & Marine conservation trips, Wildlife and off course Adventure Camps.

Hobby to Passion Retreats

Triponary helps the young minds to explore their minds for creative pursuit. This is an endeavour to promote skill full Hobbies and creative development of Students. The camps are meticulously planned with experts to ensure learning step by step with subject matter experts. The most popular camps are Birding camps, Camp Kidfest,  Photography Camps, Wildlife Camps, Creative writing Retreat, Art & craft Retreat and Performing Arts Retreat.

Career Orientation Trips

Career orientation and exposure trips are experiences that helps the student to take an informed decision about future. Travel with purpose helps students to ignite their ambition and inspires them to make dreams a reality. Students gain first hand experience of usual and unusual career streams they can choose to pursue in life.  Explore the Institutes, Academic courses, Industries and much more on these trips. These trips will help students to understand their passion, defining career goals and carve future path. Ignite your ambition and fire you aspirations by visiting top Educational Institutions, celebrated Industries, Career workshops and much more with our Career Orientation Trips.

Triponary Community Service Camp

Gain insights into the challenges of the community, life and culture of locals and understand issues faced by communities on day to day basis. Under expert field directors gain the necessary experience and credit points to help your career goals. Our partner NGO’s make sure that the contribution and associations of students with their live projects are meaningful and motivates them to bring about change.

Why choose Triponary Educational Trips

Advantages offered by Triponary


We make your safety our priority by giving utmost priority on our trips and we take pride in our safety standards. Our strict safety code of conduct, state-of-the-art equipment along with dedicated team of pilots, instructors and ground crew. The qualified team ensure and maintains our safety record. The man holding the helm of operations and activity has served in Armed Forces Adventure wing as Chief Instructor. The team under him is certified with advance MIO certificates and reputed Government of India training Institutes.


Our outdoor team is trained and certified in First Aid and we have overseas instructors visiting us every year, giving our team exposure to best practices from the adventure fraternity abroad. Each group is escorted by one of our team members. To make the experience secure and enjoyable we maintain a high outdoor specialist v/s student ratio.


We have state-of-the-art equipment procured from the most renowned manufacturing companies around the globe.


Our school trips lay tremendous emphasis on sustainability and encourage students to be alive and sensitive towards environment, people as well as places they visit.

Medical aid

Our outdoor team is certified and trained in First Aid/ CPR courses. Every year we have overseas instructors conducting refresher course. There are good hospitals and qualified doctors at close quarters to our camp sites, they can be referred to in case of an emergency.


In spite of the operations in remote locations, we are proud of our menu and the various fresh items it offers. We give top priority to hygiene while preparing the delicious food served during camping activities. It is generally a combination of Indian, Continental and Chinese food. Fruit and vegetables are obtained locally. We provide mineral water in the tents.

Triponary is setting the culture of Boot camps in India.

The Boot camps are not just fun but an arena to skill the students, enabling them to master the skill set they choose to Boot Camp.

Active Boot Camps

Transform yourself Boot Camp

A specialised program for school going young generation, this ten day active camping is scientifically designed program by experts aimed at physical and mental discipline, self management, life saving & survival skills. The participant leaves with a positive mindset, armed to handle and deal with life at different level. The element of fun infuses enthusiasm and makes this learning process enjoyable

Adventure Camping Boot Camp

A specialised seven days program designed by experts and conducted by professionals. This unique program is aimed at nurturing the skills of survival up and personal with nature. It hones the exploring as well as survival skillset.  Become an expert at mobile and stationary camping. Each batch gets special interactive session from Ace Camping specialist.

Mountaineering Boot Camp

A specialised 15 day course designed by experts to skill you in Mountaineering. Learn the art of exploring mountains from the most skilled Mountaineers. Each batch gets interaction and a session with an Everester.

Sailing Boot Camp

A specialised program conducted by the experts with certification. An innate program aimed at developing a skill that can transform your life. Learn the art and science of sailing and interact with top class Naval officers get a taste of life. This 12 day basic training gives you sailing skills at bay waters.

Kayaking Boot Camp

A specialised seven days amateur program aimed at skilling and enhancing the endurance and strength. It gives an innate energy to deal with life with more confidence and endeavour. Skimming the surface of water gives an energy that transforms physical and mental outlook.

Swimming Boot Camp

A specialised 10 days program aimed at not only learning the most pleasurable sport but also arms the individual with life saving skills in water. Learn to swim and also save lives in crisis conditions. This sport aligns mind and body like non other sport.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How safe is your camp for my children?

A.The campsite is perfectly safe for your children. The staff and management is agile and competent to handle any man made issue. The instructors dedicated to the group looks after all the issues related to the safety of children.

Q. What about girl students, how safe is the camp for them?

A. We take extra precautions for the girl students and earmark separate areas for male and female student areas. The female instructors dedicated to the group looks after welfare of the girl students.

Q.What about the Toilet facilities at the camp sites for the students?

A. We take special attention to the hygiene and number of students per lavatory. A ration of 1:6 is maintained to provide better facility with western seat. The girls area is provided with covered dustbins as well. All our campsites are near running water facility.

Q.What kind of food is provided to the children at camp sites?

A healthy balance of nutrition and taste is maintained during all meals. All our camps have fully operational kitchens. The cooks and chef are trained to provide excellent meals suitable for children. Our catering team takes extra care, hygienically prepares nutritious vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals. RO water is used for cooking and mineral water is provided for drinking.

Q.What kind of activities are undertaken for children at camp sites?

A.There are various activities to indulge at the campsite expertly guided by our professional staff. The prominent ones are enlisted below.

Para Gliding; Hot Air ballooning; White water Rafting; Boating; Obstacle course; Horse Riding; Camel Ridding; Rock climbing; Rappelling; River crossing; Zorbing ball; ATV Ride; Snow Scooter; Snow Skiing; Trekking; Nature trails; Birding trails; Zip Line; Night Safari; Swimming pool games & Activities; Treasure hunt; Tug of war; Trampoline; Archery; Air riffle shooting; Bush craft; Star gazing; Peak summit; Community Service; Out door games; Traditional games



Mountaineering expeditions and leadership. A decorated officer and a man with grit and valour, served Special force and earned his laurels. Lovingly addressed as Captain, K.S. Bashera is driven by a mission of inculcating life saving skills, leadership and all round development in students through adventure, outdoor and camping programs. He has lead more than 100000 students through life changing experience.

An avid biker, environmentalist and photography enthusiast gets along well with the new generation and forms a bond of trust and friendship, leading them to achieve new skills.

Nupur Singh

A free spirited, fearless adventure loving traveler. Growing up with Himalayas as her backyard, she learned to appreciate nature and outdoors at an early age. Nupur got her travel gene from her outstanding sportsman father and avid nature enthusiast mother. A management graduate with specialization in brand management, she is a strategic level professional with 20 years experience in corporate world.

Life is in full acceleration for Nupur behind the wheel, she has clocked in 200000 kms. of solo road trips across India. Instrumental in leading and nurturing large teams at corporate she developed passion for engaging young minds.

Mentor & Advisor Panel

Sumesh Mangalsary

He started his career as software professional. An art and literature enthusiast. His experience in community development, action research, policy level interventions and national and international NGOs particularly in the context of tourism helped him to envision the voluntary organisation “KABANI – the other direction“.

Sumesh is an active partner of a larger international network working on sustainable tourism and related issues, contributing to various international discourses and negotiations such as climate change, sustainable development and international trade. He has contributed his vision and views to many publications and journals and has led numerous projects in various international and national organizations critically intervening in tourism and development.

Puneetinder Kaur Sidhu

Writer, content developer, foodie, but mostly a wanderer, Puneetinder Kaur Sidhu has penned over a dozen guides for Lonely Planet India, a couple for Times Group Books, and authored a fun read Adrift: A Junket Junkie in Europe about her travels around the continent.  She has been a travel and food columnist with Hindustan Times, is a literary critic for The Tribune, writes for Hindu Businessline, Huffington Post, authors the Times Food Guide for Chandigarh, and blogs at Cutting Loose. She also helms a young non-profit called Society for Arts & Literature (SALT) which aims to uphold and preserve vulnerable heritage and artistic & literary traditions.

Puneeta Singh

Associated with institutes and schools of repute, counseling students for life skills related issues, overseas admission counseling, career counseling and adolescent issues. She has spent years as head of counseling overlooking life skills counseling, adolescent counseling, a-z of overseas education, organizing various fairs for university selection, aptitude testing, MUN coordinator, founder and mentor of reporters club and photography club. Handled Media desk of reputed schools. As director of Eduvelocity she has helped students make the best education and career choices, connecting them successfully to their “best fit” overseas universities, especially in United States and Canada. She has been been running an NGO – SAATHI, supporting education and well being of students from Slum areas.

Partner NGO’s


Prime objectives are sustainable socio–economic development of local communities and conservation of natural resources that provide the basis of community livelihood.In order to achieve these objectives, we are carrying out research about the side-effects of mass tourism and the ways to change it, advocacy and campaigns about these issues and both international and local networking to increase our audience and impact. “KABANI – the other direction” also provides education activities to promote sustainability in the context of tourism and development. It foster community tourism initiatives finding their roots in local populations, and focusing on socio-economic security and sustainability.


The Society was established in 2011 and its core team consists of a dynamic, motley group of creative women – writers, academicians, finance, marketing & service industry professionals, culinary experts as well as art, theatre and culture enthusiasts. SALT wishes to endorse edification, comparative study and exploration of unrecorded traditions, art, music, craft, painting, literature, and the performing arts such as theatre, environmental issues, tangible heritage, architecture and archaeology.


A non-profit organization committed to the betterment of slum children. In association with Chandigarh Administration it initiates various projects for underprivileged bright students, helping them to achieve their dreams of education.

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