Nubra Valley

This valley is popularly known as Ldumra or the Valley of Flowers. It is located in the north of Ladakh between Karakorum and the Himalayan ranges of Ladakh. Nubra is located at an average altitude of about 10,000 feet above sea level. Deskit is the sub-division headquarters of Nubra. Deskit Gonpa is also located at a height of around 200 mtrs. Above the village on the rocky mountain spur and at the most commanding point, with clear view of the whole central part of Nubra, Samstanling Gonpa is located in the north opposite Deskit Gonpa. Both have Gonpas historical remains. Gonkhar (white Maha Kala) Deity of Deskit Gonpa has a skull and a hand of enemies Sokpo, in the centennial remains of this monastery.

The main villages of this valley are Khardong , Khalsar, Tirit, Sumoor, Tegar , Pinchemik, Chamshein, Tirisha and Panamik that fall along the traditional silk route. Caravans traveling to and from Central Asia and Kashmir through Nubra Valley used to lodge in these villages. Panamik was the most important place for the cessation of the Caravan.