Wilderness Experience at Jim Corbett

A perfect experience and program most suitable for Team Bonding, Team Building activities, Wilderness Survival Activity and Forest Immersion for Mindfulness.

The day is packed with trek to Garjia Mata temple, seated amidst gurgling waters of Kosi River. The teambuilding activities and visit to a large monolith temple is absolutely fulfilling.

One day is dedicated to Jeep Safari in the core zone of Corbett National Park, Corbett Museum is housed in the home to the legendary hunter Jim Corbett, it has his personal belongings like caps, guns, fishing nets, letters and several other antique pieces that belonged to him.

A day of active fun is planned to activate muscle power and immersive fun. Morning is planned with Rock climbing and Abseiling as the day progresses this unique program takes the fun and delight of National Park visit further, the Corbett Water Falls is another star activity, not to be missed. Nestled amidst lush and evergreen thickets, this cascade has a lagoon-shaped pool where teams can enjoy swimming and other recreational activities.

For detailed itinerary and planning of trip feel free to connect with us, We would be happy to plan the logistics and trip as per your requirements, location and group size.