We travel, initially to lose ourselves. We travel, next to find ourselves – by Nupur Singh

Hey whatever is the stage of your travel just travel far and wide exploring beyond horizons, live an enriching life filled up with memoir of your fascinating journey. Yes you got it right, make your resolution to break the shackles and go exploring beyond the realms of your home.

“ Once a year go some place you’ve never been before”. Dalai Lama

Wellness and De stressing has been on your mind, attend a yoga session under star studded sky on a full moon night, awakening your chakras or just go for a quite boat ride when soft moon light is flirting with placid water, it will sooth your senses and de stress you completely. If you are serious about wellness then attend boot camp amidst nature, healing your body and mind.

Sunsets have been talked about since ages but this year experience the play of colours across the sky lying on a moving camel cart in Thar desert or just enjoying snacks and tea at Chinese fishing net in the middle of backwaters.

You always had dreamt of waking up in wilderness witnessing the sun rising behind snow clad mountains with stimulating cup of coffee, this year live your dream, camp in wilderness. Sleep under star studded night sky with gurgling sound of mountain stream and wake up to your dream sunrise, spend the day exploring meadows for wild flowers, click your best selfies and breath into fresh air.

Born and bought up in city and urban culture but aspired to experience the freshness of village life full of green pastures, organic and simple food, exhilarating walks. Give life to your aspiration, stay at a village home stay to live the village life, walking around in plantations, fruit orchards and paddy fields. If this is not bringing twinkle to your eyes spend time with village potter, wellness experts and understand Gram Panchayat system from close quarters. If you wish, you can contribute to this community tourism system as well.

You are a born gardener, how about spending a day in the company of a nature conservationist or a botanist in the middle of an exotic plantation in tropical region. Sounds like a dream then top it up with home cooked food made from home produce.

Adrenaline junkie, craving for a rush of blood to your head then don’t wait for another year, pack your bag and get set go to the mountain desert, Ladakh. Go biking in this land of beauty and mystical charm, enjoy rafting, camping under stars and witness the mighty Indus paving its way through this lama land. If this is not exciting then Himalayas is a home to many majestic passes and peeks. Put your hiking boots and test your stamina against nature, climb the mountains and come back richer in experience and mindset.

Born explorer with affinity to water, amazing water sports await you over and under water. Test your rowing skills in placid lakes or fast and furious rivers. Dive deeper witnessing kaleidoscopic oceanic underworld or just awaken yourself completely with an evening walk on a beach.

Close your year in grand style, go wine tasting in a vineyard or party on a sea-liner. If crowd is not your style then go sailing on a yacht and stay on an exotic Island resort.

Whatever is your travel dream don’t postpone it, Go solo or join me to experience camping on the dunes beneath canopy of stars, enjoy rising of sun at a beach far from maddening crowd, witness kaleidoscopic sunset lying on a camel cart, experience mysterious night camping under stars and watching startling milky-way turn night into day. Titillate your taste buds with authentic native cuisines and experience diverse cultures inhabited in this vast sub continent of India with Me.

“ We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us.”

This year pledge to make your timeline studded with varied experiential pictures captured experiencing life. Live a life richer in experience and pleasures.

Welcome  2017  with a brand new travel resolution, giving life to your dreams !

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