MOM My Management Guru

MOM, the one who gives you first lesson on personal hygiene, focus, time management, organisation values, financial management and moral values. Remembering lessons learnt through the journey of life till now, looking forward to many more.

Looking back the window of life through 50 years, the realisation and values imbibed strikes me in flashes as I deal with life. As I specially celebrate my Mom’s presence and guidance in my life on mother’s day felt like sharing it.

I was fortunate to be born to a progressive, disciplined and intelligent Parents, Father being in forces, an outstanding sportsman was mostly busy with his official duties but my mother was a dedicated wife and mother. The day would start early for Mom, she was usually up with larks to ensure we carried proper tiffin to school and were dressed up as per standards with polished shoes, tie, belt and school badge. 

Mom celebrating festivals

As our management guru she ensured we organised our things on previous night, bag packed as per timetable, all homework ticked done, project work stowed away safely in a box, shoes polished, school dress on hanger. This organisation lesson always stayed with me and helped me to organise myself at home and office. All the lessons she had taught informally became the base of my formal education and I have always remembered the original learning from childhood. 

Mom being the champion of time management and self discipline had ingrained the same in me since childhood. She would sit with me to plan my homework, hobby work and play time so that I was sorted with time slot for different activities. My father was transferred from one location to other regularly and it was mom’s support and positive energies that made us accept all the movements as well as constant changes. She emphasised and advocated value of time and opportunity encouraging me to adapt to new circumstances, towns schools and people. Multitasking with the household set up in new house to preparing me and my siblings for school entrance test, creating her resources for smooth settlement and running of house smoothly.

Mom, an explorer

Her ideas were tuned to practical day to day life works, keeping wardrobe organised to access all clothes without hassle with time saving, tidying the bed before leaving the room so that we return and relax in a neat and tidy room, leaving the bathroom the way I got it, finishing every bite on my plate, rinsing the plate before keeping in the kitchen sink and treating everyone around with humility. The list is endless but surely each of it added value to me as person. 

Her teachings got etched on my memory and developed my personality with this value system. I would keep my work space tidy, my files and worked organised, always ensured my personal hygiene at home and out of home and organising my coming day a night before. Till date I hit the bed after putting my next day plan and preparations in place. Organised and effect packing styled for travel taught by mom has been a big help as I am an avid traveller.

Family Celebrations

Life wouldn’t have been the same without her guiding hand, profound wisdom and assurance during down turns in my life. An artist and an ardent Gardner herself she encouraged me to develop hobbies and truly gave me follow your heart ideology. I learnt from her to enjoy moments of life, never give up, do things as perfectly as possible, be adventurous, stay true to my beliefs, speak my mind and pursue my dreams.    

Armed with lessons from Mom I have lived 50+years of beautiful and satisfying life. Enjoying a day full of love and fulfilment in the company of Mom.

Wishing a very happy Mother’s Day to all the versatile mothers. 

Keep Encouraging and keep grooming next generations!

Mom & Me in Sundarbans