In-Campus Adventure Camp (Daytime)

Adventure for fun & learning

Experience the thrill and learn skills of adventure activities in your own school campus with our In-Campus Adventure Camp. The junior school students will learn the camping skill before stepping out of School campus.

We would create Adventure zone at the school premises for a day and our trained instructors will conduct the activity with utmost care and expertise as the age group is tender and impressionable.

Indicated No. of students: 100 minimum
Age group: 3.5 years to 8 years
Triponary Supervisors: Team of 5 people
Additional supervision expected from school: 6 staff members for 100 students

The Adventure zone will be set up in the premises of the school. In summers Indoor setup (minimum covered well ventilated hall of 40ft x 25ft would be required) will be done but in winters we will do outdoor setup in lawn areas. The team will set up the Adventure zone as follows

Pure Adventure thrill zone

Tarzan Swing
Valley Crossing set up
Climbing & Rappelling from 5 – 6 ft
Burma Bridge
Commando Slider web
Zorbing Ball
Wall Climbing
Pitching a Dome tent activity
Zipline Activity

Adventure with fun zone (Optional activities)

Follow the trail (Winter activity in lawns)
Feed the Bheem (Team Activity indoor in summer camp)
Aeroplane & Boat making activity (Indoor & Outdoor Activity)
Slide bouncy fun (Indoor & Outdoor Activity)
Selfie photo Counter (Indoor & Outdoor Activity)
Camp games (Outdoor in winters only)
Follow the Trail (Indoor in corridors and outdoor in lawn)
Treasure Hunt (Indoor in corridors and outdoor in lawn)
Abstract Colour play on Doodle wall

All Material required to conduct the activity

Any food material / Snacks