Immersive Experience at Khasi hills of Meghalaya

A unique experiential program looking like a walking holiday for new generation corporate team. The program is an in-depth practice of de stressing and evolution of team management skills

A day in Shillong with visit to Umaim lake and structured heritage walk in town. Rest to gather energies for action in the coming days.

A day full of stunning green vistas as the drive begins from Shillong towards Cherapunji. Witness the glory of 4th highest falls in India locally known as Seven Sister Falls. Soak in the bounty of nature and relax the senses completely. Caving activity at 150 km of Mawsmai stalagmite caves will transport the team to another era. A day to relax in East Khasi hills in Cheerapunji. Understand and enjoy Khasi tribes, culture and delectable cuisine.

The next two days are dedicated to walking in the forests to witness glorious nature rich with lush green foliage, over powering freshness and natural fragrances. Trek to Rainbow falls from Nongriat Village, with sound of nature soothing senses, witness the gift of nature with clear blue water pool and rainbow made by sun rays reach out to the rock.

Another beautiful waterfall fall on the same trek route. The Nohkalikai falls are the 5th highest scenic falls in India. Overnight camping and further trek brings back to base. Proceed to the cleanest village of Asia Mawlynnong. Enjoy the pristine picturesque village.

After immersive nature experience return to Guwahati

For detailed itinerary and planning of trip feel free to connect with us, We would be happy to plan the logistics and trip as per your requirements and group size.